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Structure and People

The University of Economics and Management (VSEM) is divided into executive, statutory, self-governing, initiation, and consulting bodies (Rector’s office, Academic Council VSEM, Student's Coucil VSEM, Rector's Committee, Council for Science and Research VSEM) and educational, research and administrative departments.

Management of VŠEM

The management includes executive, statutory, and self-governing bodies (Rector’s office, Academic Council, Students’ Council), and advisory and initiation bodies (Council for Science and Research VSEM, Rector’s Committee) of the university. The Rector, prof. Ing. Milan Žák, CSc. is the head of the excecutive body of VSEM.

The Rector´s office

The Rector’s office is the executive body of VSEM, which conducts the organizational, coordination, consulting and advisory, registration, and supervisory activities in the area of studies, research, finance, personal, legal, external and international relations and internal administration.

The Educational departments

The educational departments of VSEM provide the tuition of individual study programs (study courses, study modules, seminar blocks), concerning the expertise and content.

The Administrative department

The administrative departments of VSEM (Information and Advisory Centre) are responsible for smooth organization of the individual study programmes and related activities and various extracurricular activities.

Student counselling VSEM

Student counselling VSEM is an important part of the internal organizational structure VSEM and offers students an opportunity for individual consultation of experts in the areas of Finance, Law, Pedagogical-career, Study coaching, Study counselling, Psychological counselling.

Council for internal evaluation of quality

The council for internal evaluation of quality is targeted at evaluation of results of VŠEM in pedagogic, educational, study, technical-organizational and researching activitivities.