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Internship and Partners

We seek to involve established external professionals in teaching courses and  assessing individual papers

Consistent cooperation with external professionals is a priority in all areas of VSEM activities. The form and content of this cooperation is determined by their long-term focus: i.e. establishment of a system ensuring the integration of educational, research, publishing, and information activities.

External specialists / professionals conduct lessons, and supervise and assess the students’ papers, in order to achieve the goal of maximizing the practical value of VSEM activities.

VSEM promotes the active involvement of external professionals in the following areas: identification of problem areas continuously implemented in study courses and seminars, cooperation with both Czech and foreign educational entities on approving the selection of study texts, participation in state exam committees, organization of topic-specific lectures broadening study programme courses, standardization of acquired knowledge of profile courses of different majors and specializations.

VSEM uses a range of external professionals (corporate environment, professional organizations, advisory and consulting companies, public administration / self-government institutions) to continuously assess the interconnection of individual study courses with the current development trends, needs, and legislative changes.

VSEM cooperates with both Czech and foreign institutions in the area of methodology, with the aim of developing and improving specific teaching aids, including the use of information technologies, for self-learning purposes.