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Forms of Cooperation

Cooperation with business community is divided into various areas: study degrees and study programs, research and development, strategy development, partner and foreign relations, sports, e-services.

Long term targeting on specific forms and contents of cooperation are specified as a system ensuring the continuous interaction between education, research, publishing and information activities with the Business practice and as the use of the outputs of its interaction to the development of commercially successful advice in relation to corporate bodies sector.

Forms of cooperation

  • Systematic development of the participation of practitioners in education and in particular in the management and evaluation of individual student work.
  • Support of active participation of students and their employers to specify problem areas of practice.
  • Cooperation with Czech and foreign educational institutions in the rout of study materials, exam committees cooperation a nd participation, implementation of specific thematic content of the lectures, standardization of Knowledge core subjects and fields of specialization.
  • The use of a stable range of practitioners (business sector, professional organizations, advisory and consulting firms, local government and local government) for continuous evaluation of the content of individual consistency of subjects with current trends, needs, and legislative changes.
  • Cooperation with Czech and foreign institutions leading to methodological improvement and development of specific teaching aids, including the use of information technology for self-study purposes.
  • Forms of cooperation in the research project are primarily determined by the actual focus of research activities to all, with funds and technical assistance linked to the solution of specific and relatively narrowly concretized problems (grant support system).
  • Cooperation with the practice is supported by the grant system in the process of assessing VŠEM submissions and evaluation of their outputs (the participation of practitioners in the capacity of the opponents) in the form of participation of experts to deal with individual projects and present their results.
  • Cooperation with the practice in the field of allocating grant funds through VŠEM research projects undertaken by other institutions.
  • Support for freedom in information and publishing activities to the contributions of practitioners, creating a stable circle of contributors to the issues specified in relation to VŠEM of the educational and research activities.

Areas of Cooperation

  • Entering topics of seminar papers and their evaluation.
  • Theses (recommendation supervisor or. Opponents from the ranks of practitioners, consulting).
  • Internships, jobs for students, working experience for students.
  • Recruitment activities cooperation (Vacancies, temporary jobs on the website VŠEM, student participation in trainee programs).
  • Presentations, workshops and other events specialists (PR, Marketing, HR, experts, etc.).
  • Possibility of lectures (eg on the Academic VŠEM).
  • Cooperation and guarantee professional subjects (study courses, lectures, presentations of practice).
  • Company Open Days (company profile).
  • Practical applications (direct contact with practitioners and successful companies in the Czech and international market).
  • Mutual promotion (as a partner to all featured on our web site, possibly in advertising campaigns etc.).
  • The ability to create training modules (programs) to measure professional and lifelong learning of your employees.