Management and Bodies

The management includes executive, statutory, and self-governing bodies (Rector’s office, Academic Council, Student’s Council), and advisory and initiation bodies (Science and Research Council, Rector’s Committee) of the university.

Academic Council of VŠEM

The main duties of the Academic Council of VŠEM is to ratify the study programmes that are submitted to MŠMT (Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic) accreditation process and to elaborate the long-term intention of VŠEM. It also negotiates the issues and questions suggested by the Rector or the founder. The members are the Rector, Vice-Rectors, and representatives of the educational and research departments of the school.

Administrative Committee of VŠEM

Administrative Committee allows the students to appeal against decisions made by administrative departments of VŠEM (Information and Advisory Centre, Technical Department and Rector's Office). These decisions are not a part of the Internal Regulations of VŠEM and they are not subjected to the Rector's approval.

Council for Internal Evaluation of Quality

The council for internal evaluation of quality is targeted at evaluation of results of VŠEM in pedagogic, educational, study, technical-organizational and researching activitivities.

Disciplinary Committe of VŠEM

Disciplinary Committee negotiates cases of disciplinary offence of students or the academic staff of VŠEM. Any possible sanctions are subsequently discussed with the Rector of VŠEM.

Doctoral Degree Subjects Council of VŠEM

Subject Council of VŠEM observes and evaluates the study within Doctoral degree study programme. Supervises the currency and quality of the study programme, evaluates the progress of individual students, approves the study plans, requests and suggests members of examination committees.

Pedagogical Committee of VŠEM

Pedagogical Committee formally evaluates submitted final versions of final theses (bachelor/diploma/dissertation). Its members are academic staff of VŠEM.

Review Committee of VŠEM

Review Committee of VŠEM inspects the final exam results if the rector doubts their legal validity.

Science and Research Council of VŠEM

VŠEM Science and Research Council is an advisory body of the college. The members evaluate the activities of the college in the area of science and research and they also give their opinion to the questions suggested by the Rector, the director or the founder of VŠEM. The council is directed by Prof. Ing. Milan Žák, CSc., the head of the Centre for Economic Studies (CES VŠEM).

Student's Council of VŠEM

Student’s Council is a self-governing body of VŠEM. The members are representatives of individual study groups and programmes, elected for the given academic year.

Student's Senate of VŠEM

Student's Senate is a self-governing body of VŠEM and its members are elected by the students themselves.

Students and Graduates' Club VŠEM

Students and Graduates' Club is a self-governing body of VŠEM. Members of the club are elected by the representatives of the Student's Council of VŠEM.

VŠEM Rector's Collegium

The Rector’s Committee is an advisory body of VŠEM. The members are the representatives of the individual study groups and study programmes on one hand and VŠEM graduates, the academic and administrative staff and external specialists on the other hand.

VŠEM Rector's Office

The Rector's Office is an executive body of VŠEM. It conducts organizational, coordination, consulting and advisory, registration, and supervisory activities in the area of studies and research, and it is also responsible for the economic, personal, legal, external, and foreign relations of the school and internal administration.