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Accommodation Scholarship

The accommodation scholarship can be awarded to students meeting the appropriate conditions. These are defined by the Scholarship Regulations of VSEM.

  • The accommodation scholarship is paid twice per the calendar year, via bank transfer.
  • The date of the payment depends on the subsidy from MSMT (Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic), which is usually provided in January and on July.
  • In case the subsidy is not provided by MSMT, VSEM is not obliged to pay the scholarship out.
  • Students must inform the school in writing about any changes having influence on the right to be awarded the accommodation scholarship within 15 days from the time when the situation occurred or when the student learned about it.
  • In case the scholarship is paid to the student who does not fulfil the conditions, the whole of the amount provided will have to be paid back to VSEM.

Conditions of the Accommodation Scholarship Grant

The accommodation scholarship can be awarded to a student of a full-time Bachelor’s, Master´s study programme, whose studies have not exceeded the standard length and who have not residence in Prague.

  • A student is entitled to the accommodation scholarship since the first day of his or her studies. The scholarship can be awarded for every complete calendar month during which the student satisfies the appropriate conditions. It is not possible to be awarded the accommodation scholarship for the following months: July, August, September and also for the months when the student interrupted his or her studies or was expelled on parole from VSEM.
  • The extent of the accommodation scholarship is specified according to: The number of students having met the conditions for the accommodation scholarship award,the financial resources of VSEM designated for scholarships, the extent of the subsidy provided by MSMT
  • The maximal amount (the extent of the accommodation scholarship) per student is CZK 540 per month.

Request for the Scholarship

The applicant for Accommodation Scholarship will send via SIS VŠEM/Study form/Scholarships completely filled the scanned application for accommodation scholarship, which must contain the signatures of the applicants.
  • By the 20.10. (1st - 3rd year of study) for the perios September/October – December of the current calendar year).
  • By the 1st March (1st – 3rd year of study) for the time period January – December of the current calendar year.
  • Student is responsible for correct, complete, timely delivery by myself.
  • Belated, or incomplete requests will  eliminated, after the control.
  • Materials for granting Accommodation Scholarship are data from the information system  - The united information from register office of the students (SIMS).
  • The requests for the accommodation scholarship are evaluated twice per year by the Academic Council of VSEM.