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Scholarship VŠEM

Scholarship VSEM is granted for extraordinary study, development, research, sport or extracurricular activities, and is conditioned by meeting at least one of given conditions. Scholarships can go up to 100% of annual tuition fees.

  • Study average and extraordinary study results (study average to 1,2)
  • Professional work of the student (seminar, bachelor's/master's thesis)
  • Research and development (involvement in development and research projects of VSEM).
  • Sport results (representation of the Czech Republic).
  • Projects VSEM (active and creative engagement in the projects VSEM).
  • Social Contribution of the applicant/student within social responsibility.

Administration of the application

Student submits application for a scholarship VSEM to the study department, depending on starting date of his/her studies (through SIS/Study form/Scholarships). The application is being approved by the Academic Council VŠEM (there is no legal claim for scholarship). Deadline for applications for extension of the scholarship is given by the starting date of study (October to 15.7., January to 15.11., April to 15.2.)

Extent and length of Scholarship VSEM

Height of scholarships VSEM is determined by the number of students, who met the conditions for granting of scholarship for the academic year, or the available funds from the scholarship fund VSEM.

  • Scholarship is granted from 50% to 100% of annual tuition fees for given academic year (in linkage to granted scholarship Klasik)
  • Scholarship VSEM is granted for a period of one academic year with the possibility of extension, increase, reduction or withdraw, based on the fulfilment of study obligations.