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Olympic Scholarship

Within the frame of the Study at VSEM! Project and in cooperation with the Czech Olympic Committee (Český Olympijský Výbor = ČOV), it is possible to be awarded the so-called Olympic scholarship (conditions for granting scholarship VŠEM are followed by instructions of the internal regulation VSEM and by contract with ČOV).

  • It is designated for active or former sportsmen and coaches for whom it would be otherwise very difficult to find a university or a college enabling the them to combine their sport career with their studies.
  • An individual study plan (ISP) may be a solution in these cases.

Conditions of the Olympic Scholarship Grant

The assignment of the Olympic scholarships decided by a committee composed of academics and members of the Commission VŠEM atheletes of ČOV, based on materials supplied applicant and wastewater treatment plants.

  • Request for Olympic scholarship is listed by candidates within the first round admission procedure (electronic questionnaire AP).
  • Within II. Wheel Admission procedure (oral interview) is a contender submitted written work/essay with 1-2 pages.
  • An oral interview determines your motivation to study and study schedule customization options, with regard to individual plans sports training of the student.

Conditions throughout the Studies

  • To gain at least 10 ECTS credits (intermediate examinations, seminar papers) of the given academic year
  • There must not be any sanctions imposed on the student for any kind of disciplinary offence according to the Disciplinary regulations of VSEM
  • Participation on propagation of the University
  • The sport results achieved and the preparation plan (in xls/xlsx, doc/docx format) have to be sent to the Study Department via SIS VSEM/Study forms/Sportsman file, always at the end of each trimester (i.e. 3 times per year). In case all the necessary materials are not submitted, the scholarship holders are denied access to SIS VSEM and the sports scholarship is taken away from them in the given academic year with no compensation.

Olympic Scholarships of VSEM Awarded in 2009/2014

  • Samková Eva, snowboardcross, Olympic champion
  • Ladislav Burian, basketball, SOG London
  • Hanušová Alena, basketball, SOG London
  • Daniel Havel, canoeing, 3rd place SOG London
  • Sáblíková Martina, speed skating, Olympic gold medalist
  • Verner Tomáš, figure skating, 1st place European Championship, Olympics
  • Hradílek Vavřinec, slalom, 2nd place SOG London
  • Kaška Pavel, Figure skating, WCH, ECH
  • Krýzl Kryštof, skiing, WOG, WCH
  • Moravčíková Martina, swimming, SOG London
  • Závadová Barbora, swimming, 3rd ECH, SOG London
  • Kolocová Kristýna, beach volleyball, the summer Olympic Games in London
  • Melich Lukáš, hammer throw, 3rd place world championship (WCH) in Moscow
  • Prášil Ladislav, shot put, 3rd place HME
  • Kulma Pavel, speed skating, WCH
  • Haselberger Zdeněk, speed skating, WCH
  • Frydrych Petr, athletics - javelin
  • Bába Jaroslav, athletics - high jump, 3rd place SOG Athens
  • Holuša Jakub, athletics - running, ECH medalist, HMS
  • Krýzl Kryštof, skiing, OG, WCH
  • Věnseková Andrea, swimming
  • Kuf Jan, modern pentathlon, ECH
  • Koukal Martin, cross-country skiing, world champion
  • Marčeková Monika, basketball CPT
  • Elhotová Kateřina, basketball, SOG Peking