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Academic Scholarship

Scholarship Classic ensures lower tuition fees for all study programmes (Bc. / Ing. / MBA) within the standard period of study, carried out in the academic year, while meeting at least on of imposed conditiones. Within Scholarships VŠEM, it is possible to raise the scholarship Klasik up to 100% of the annual tuition fees (for study, development, research, sport or extracurricular activities).

  • Study average (results from previous studies at secondary school/university)
  • Veterans of the Czech Republic (according to Law no. 170/200 Sb.)
  • Non-profit organizations (NGO staff)
  • Healthcare (employees of the health care or social services)
  • Top sport (members of the Czech national team)
  • Handicapped and Disabled (ZTP)
  • Single mothers/lone parent

Conditions for granting (study average)

  • Completed secondary school (for the study of Bc.), with state graduation and study average 1,4 (graduation certificate), or 1,2 (graduation till 2010).
  • Completed university studies (for Ing./MBA) with study average of 1,2 (diploma supplement).
  • Required study average is evidenced for the entire study period (graduation certificate, diploma suplement).

Conditions for granting (other)

  • Veteran of the Czech Republic, see Certificate veteran (The Ministry of Defence)
  • Employment for an indefinite period within the non-profit, health care and social organizations.
  • Top sport (members of the Czech national team)
  • Handicapped and Disabled (ZTP)
  • Single mothers /lone parent receiving maternity or parental benefits

Administration of an application Scholarship Klasik

For granting scholarship Klasik, the applicant must meet all given conditions. Scholarships are granted by the Academic board VSEM (Scholarship Classic is not claimable).

  • The application for Scholarship Klasik is initiated within 1st round of the admission proceedings (electronic questionnaire).
  • Within II. round of admission proceedings, the applicant presents 1-2 pages long paper/essay .
  • Veterans substantiate certificate from the Ministry of Defence.
  • Employees of nonprofit, health care and social organisations must substantiate work contract for an indefinite period (institution name, profession, starting date and a statement, that the candidate concerned is not in the test/notice period).
  • Handicapped, disabled and single mothers/lone submit the documents from the competent office.

Conditions for maintaining Scholarship Klasik

Conditions for maintaining Scholarships Klasik are determined by internal regulations VSEM. In case of failure of these conditions (withdraw of the scholarship and additional payment of the price difference between scholarship Klasik and price level Premium), such a student can continue studying at VSEM in chosen price level (Standard, Premium). Application deadline for the extension of scholarship (for further years of study) depends on starting date of study (October to 15.7., January to 15.11., April to 15.2.).



  • 100% credits for AY (ZP, ZK,SP, ZZK)
  • Completing year with study average to 1,4
  • 50% of the credits for AY (ZP, ZK, SP, ZZK)
  • Classification ZK/ZZK/SP in the range 1-2
  • Without administrative points in the AY
  • Without administrative points within AY