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Social Scholarship

Social scholarship can be granted to students fulfiling conditions given by Ministry of Education. These conditions are further ajusted by Scholarship Regulations of VSEM.

  • Social scholarship is paid twice a calendar year, retrospectively, via bank account.
  • The pay date is set by rector VŠEM based on informations about granted subsidy from the Ministry of Education.
  • VŠEM is not obligated to pay out social scholarship if has not been granted any subsidy from the Ministry of Education.
  • Student must immediately (but not later than 15 days from the time when the relevant event occurred, or student had known about it) notify in writting the amendment of the relevant facts for granting a scholarship. In case of an unauthorized payment of a scholarships, student returns the scholarship to VŠEM.

Terms and Conditions of the Social Scholarship Grant

The right to social scholarship is granted to a student who produces a written certificate issued by the State Social Support Office declaring that the family income recorded for the purposes of child allowance entitlement in a calendar year stated in the certificate does not exceed the sum of the living minimum multiplied by a coefficient of 1.5. This certificate is valid for the purposes of social scholarship entitlement for 21 months since the expiry of the year for which the family income was recorded.

  • The right arises within the standard length of studies for every full calendar month during which a student meets the requirements for his/her being entitled to the scholarship. The right does not arise for the months of July and August and for any other month when the student interrupted his/her studies for at least one day.

Request for the Social Scholarship

The applicant for the scholarship will send via SIS VŠEM/Study form/Scholarships completely filled the scanned application for granting social scholarship (with original signature of the applicant) and written confirmation issued by the office of state social support delivered (in person/by post) to study department of VŠEM.

  • Before the 20th October (1st - 3rd year of Study) for the time period September/October - December of the current calendar year.
  • Before the 1st March (1st – 3rd year of study) for the time period January – June of the current calendar year.
  • Student always responsible for the correct, complete and timely delivery of all documents alone.
  • Late or incomplete applications will be discarded after a subsequent scan (after the closing date for submission).