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Educational Departments

In terms of the learning process, educational departments provide tuition of individual study programmes (subjects of study, learning modules, seminar blocks).

In addition to the academics, the pedagogical staff of VŠEM is formed of experts from major state institutions, organizations and private Czech companies.

Activities of departments

Realizing educational workshops in accordance with the structure and time schedule of the study, controling the study (preparation and creation of examination tests, supervision of final written outputs), tuition and specialized consultations, research, development and publication activity within individual projects of VŠEM, co-operation with the professional practitioners within the education process.

Tuition and specialized consultations

Each educational department, or more precisely academic staff VŠEM announce specialized consultations for written outputs (seminar or final papers).

  • Regular tuition consultations are a part of the tuition schedule - always right after the tuition session.
  • Individual consultations (tuition, written papers) and video-consultations with an academic staffer are possible on the basis of a term reservation in Reservation Application VŠEM.
  • Video-consultations are realized in VideoForum VŠEM.
  • Deadline for making or cancelling a reservation is possible max 24 hours in advance.