Human Resources Department

Human Resources Department is a special educational department which provides tuition in theoretical economics and the related practice-oriented disciplines within all accredited Bachelor's, Master's and MBA study programmes.

Tuition and specialized consultations

Consultation with the academic staff can be arranged via Study Form/Contact the Lecturer.

Department recommends

Study Subjects

Andragogy Management Psychology and Sociology Psychology I
Communication Skills Management Sociology Psychology II
Community Work Managerial Decision-Making Social Pathology
Corporate Culture Managerial Skills Social Pedagogy
Human Resources Development Negotiation and Problem Solving Social Work Management
Human Resources Management I Organization Culture Sociology
Human Resources Management II Personnel Business Management  
Leadership Personnel Management  


doc. PhDr. Eva Bedrnová, CSc.

Psychology, Psychology and Sociology

Mgr. Ing. Marek Botek, Ph.D.

Managerial Skills

Dana Cooke, MA, MS, Ph.D.

Labour and Organizational Psychology

Mgr. Hana Coufalová

Practical Applications

Ing. Robin Čejka, Ph.D., MBA

Human Resources Management, Human Resources Development

Ing. Juraj Eisel, Ph.D.

Practical Applications

Ing. Zdeněk Eška, MBA, LL.B.

Practical Applications

Ing. Adéla Fajčíková

Practical Applications

prof. PhDr. Ing. Lenka Hajerová Müllerová, Ph.D., MPH

Communication and Communication Skills, Communication Skills, Organization Culture, Corporate Culture, Social Pathology, Andragogy

Ing. Iveta Hlaváčová, MBA

Practical Applications

Ing. Václav Hýbler, MBA

Evaluation of seminar papers

PhDr. Gabriela Ježková Petrů, Ph.D.

Human Resources Management

Ing. Dominika Kadeřábková

Human Resources Management II, Human Resources Development

PhDr. Dominika Kovářová, Ph.D., MBA

Lecturing in the programme ERASMUS

PhDr. Marcela Palíšková, Ph.D.

Labour Behaviour Motivation

Ing. Kateřina Půbalová

Practical Applications

Mgr. Tereza Raisová, Ph.D.

Labour and Organizational Psychology, Psychology in Human Resources Management

PhDr. Ivana Šnýdrová, CSc.


PhDr. Markéta Šnýdrová, Ph.D.

Human Resources Management, Managerial Decision-Making, Organization Culture, Personnel Management, Personnel Business Management, Negotiation and Problem Solving

Ing. Mgr. Stanislav Termann, Ph.D., MBA

Psychology in HR management

Bc. Oldřich Turner

Practical Applications

Ing. Hana Urbancová, Ph.D.

Human Resources Management, Human Resources Development