Marketing Department

Marketing Department is a special educational department which provides tuition in theoretical economics and the related practice-oriented disciplines within all accredited Bachelor's, Master's and MBA study programmes.

Tuition and specialized consultations

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Department recommends

Study subjects

Advertisment Intercultural Marketing Marketing Research
Advertisement and Marketing Communication International Environment Mass and Media Communication
Advertisement in Sports International Marketing Mass Communication
Advertising Strategy Market and Consumption Media and Advertising Environment
Advertising Strategy and Planning Marketing I Media Communication
Communication Strategy Marketing II New Media
Company Marketing Productivity Marketing and Marketing Communication Public Relations
Consumer Behaviour Marketing Basics Public Relations in Sports
Human Resources Marketing Marketing Communication Sports Events Marketing
Innovative Strategy Marketing Mix Strategic Marketing


Mgr. Jiří Boháček, Dr.

Marketing Research, International Marketing, Advertising and Marketing Communication, Sociology, Management Sociology, Consumer Behaviour

Ing. Bohuslav Bohuněk

Public Relations

Ing. Michaela Bortlíková

Practical Applications

Ing. Jitka Burešová, Ph.D.

Evaluation of written outputs

Ing. Helena Cetlová

Mass and Media Communication

Ing. Lucie Černá

Practical Applications

Ing. Jana Herotová

Marketing, Media and Advertising Environment, Market and Consumption, Mass and Media Communication, Advertising Strategy and Planning

Mgr. Bohumil Kartous, Ph.D.

Media and advertising environment

Mgr. Ciaran Kelly

Business Communication, Public Relations, Human Resources Management

PhDr. Petr Kopáček

Practical Applications

doc. Ing. Jan Koudelka, CSc.

Consumer Behaviour, Market and Consumption, Marketing Basics

Ing. Olga Kutnohorská, Ph.D.

Marketing Communication, Advertisement and Marketing Communication, Consumer Behaviour, Market and Consumption

doc. Ing. Zdeněk Linhart, CSc.

Economic and Social Innovations, Marketing Management, Media and Advertising Environment, New Media, Strategic Marketing

Ing. Martin Liška, MBA

Practical Applications

Ing. Aleš Marek, Ph.D.

Marketing Mix, Marketing Communication

Ing. Peter Matisko, Ph.D.

Marketing Mix

Mgr. David Matoušek, MBA

Marketing on Instagram, Social Media Marketing

Ing. Lenka Anna Moravec

Practical Applications

Ing. Vít Pekárek, Ph.D.

Practical Applications

Ing. Martin Ptáčník

Practical Applications

Mgr. Ivan Rokošný, Ph.D.

Practical Applications

Ing. Monika Ryšavá

Practical Applications

Ing. Břetislav Stromko, MBA

Advertisement and Marketing Communication, Advertising Strategy, Advertising Strategy and Planning

Ing. Kamila Tišlerová, Ph.D.


Bc. Margareta Vojtková

Mass and Media Communication