Economics Department

Economics Department is a special educational department which provides tuition in theoretical economics and the related practice-oriented disciplines within all accredited Bachelor's, Master's and MBA study programmes.

Tuition and specialized consultations

Consultation with the academic staff can be arranged via Study Form/Contact the Lecturer.

Department recommends

Study subjects

Analysis and Design of Information System European Union Macroeconomics I
Business Informatics Exact Thinking in Economics Macroeconomics II
Business Informatics Application Finance and Financial Markets Macroeconomics and Analysis
Business Intelligence Financial and Actuarial Mathematics Management Controlling
Business Systems History of Business Management Managerial Economics I
Data Analysis in Economics History of Modern Macroeconomics Managerial Economics II
Economic and Social Innovation ICT Security Mathematics for Economists
Economic and Social Systems of the EU ICT Strategy Microeconomics I
Economic Environment Informatics I Microeconomics II
Economic Policy Informatics II Public Administration Management
Economic Policy and Integration I Information Resources Management Public Finance
Economic Policy and Integration II Macroeconomic Analysis Statistics for Economists
Economic Thinking and Society Macroeconomic Analysis Basics  


doc. PhDr. Ing. Pavla Bednářová, Ph.D.

Economic Thinking and Society, Managerial Economics

doc. RNDr. Jan Coufal, CSc.

Data Analysis in Economics, Financial and Actuarial Mathematics

RNDr. Ing. Jiří Dobrylovský, Ph.D.

Managerial Economics

Ing. Kamil Hofrichter, MBA

ICT Strategy

RNDr. Jan Hora, Ph.D.


doc. Ing. Anna Kadeřábková, Ph.D.

Innovations and Entrepreneurship, Economic and Social Innovation

Ing. Cyril Kotulič, Ph.D., MBA

Economic and Social Innovation, Innovations and Entrepreneurship, Managerial Economics, Business and Organization Strategies

doc. Ing. Romana Provazníková, Ph.D.

Managerial Economics

doc. Ing. Zdeněk Říha, Ph.D.

Managerial Economics, Economic Environment, Logistics

Mgr. Ing. Jiří Tobíšek

Data Analysis in Economics, Informatics, Commercial Law, Computer Skills, Business Management Systems, International Transaction

prof. Ing. Milan Žák, CSc.

Rector VŠEM

Applied Business Politics, History of Modern Entrepreneurship, Economic and Social Systems in EU, Economic Policy and Integration