Business Economics Department

Business Economics Department is a special educational department which provides tuition in theoretical economics and the related practice-oriented disciplines within all accredited Bachelor's, Master's and MBA study programmes.

Tuition and specialized consultations

Consultation with the academic staff can be arranged via Study Form/Contact the Lecturer.

Department recommends

Study subjects

Accountancy and Finance Finance and Financial Markets Managerial Accountancy
Accountancy Basics Financial Accountancy Managerial Controlling
Business and Organization Economics Financial Analysis Managerial Economics I
Business and Organization Strategies Financial Management Managerial Economics II
Business Economics I Financial Management and Decision-Making Measuring Company Productivity
Business Economics II Financial Strategy of the Company Non-Profit Institutions
Business Ethics Insurance and Property Taxes Operational Programmes
Business Evaluation Labour Law Politology and International Relations
Business Law Law Basics Tax System and Administration
Civil Procedure Legal Environment Tax Theory and Policy
Contract Law Legal Environment and Society Taxation and Tax Policy


doc. Ing. Marie Bohatá, CSc.

Ethics of Business, Ethics and Social Responsibility

JUDr. Bc. Peter Brezina, Ph.D.

Commercial Law, Computer skills, Politology and International Relations, Legal Environment and Society, Introduction to Law

PhDr. Radim Bureš

Modern trends in public administration

Ing. Dagmar Čámská, Ph.D.

Managerial controlling, Financial accounting, Accounting and finance

JUDr. Jan Dvořák

Practical Applications

doc. Enzo Essenza, D.Phil., M.P.A.

Inovations, Politology

Ing. Lenka Holečková, Ph.D.

Business Economics I and II, Communication and Communication Skills, Presentation Skills

doc. Ing. Vladimír Hönig, Ph.D.

Practical Applications

JUDr. Martin Horvát

Practical Applications

doc. Ing. Jaroslava Hyršlová, Ph.D.

Vice-Rector VŠEM

Business Economics I and II

doc. Ing. Stanislav Klazar, Ph.D.

Taxes and Tax Policy

Ing. Jiří Klečka, Ph.D.

Managerial Economics

Mgr. Filip Koloros

Practical Applications

Mgr. Bc. Libor Novák

Public International Law

Ing. Radka Pešková, Ph.D.

Practical Applications

Ing. Jan Svitlík, Ph.D.

Practical Applications

JUDr. Cyril Svoboda, Ph.D.

Politology and International Relations, Legal Environment and Society, EU Law

doc. Ing. Miroslav Špaček, Ph.D., MBA

Financial Analysis, Financial Management

doc. Ing. Petra Taušl Procházková, Ph.D.

Business Economics I, II

JUDr. et Mgr. Barbora Vlachová, Ph.D.

Business Law, Legal Environment and Society, Law Basics

PhDr. Tomáš Vyhnánek

Practical Applications