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Student conference Entrepreneurial spirit

Students of University of Economics and Management organize the annual international student conference „Entrepreneurial Spirit V“ .

  • Conference topic: Trends in Business and Management
  • Date of event: 26th March 2018

Prerequisites for the conference

  • At least 18 to 20 submitted written papers from students in the form of an academic thesis.
  • Written output is elaborated in English.
  • Presentation of the outputs will be held in English language in front of the commission, subsequent queries may take place in Czech or English language.

Conference schedule in AY 2017/2018

  • Submit the written paper by December 31 2017 to the following address: victoria.zidkova@infovsem.cz.
  • Evaluation of papers will be provided by the Rector’s Office VŠEM including expert committee for the defense of submitted written scientific papers.
  • Evaluation of submitted papers will take place from January 1 2018 to February 10 2018 by an expert committee.
  • Written papers, which will be approved by the commitee, will be presented by the authors at the student conference.
  • Before the date of the conference will be created a printed Proceedings of the conference, which will include all approved papers.
  • Conference and defense of written papers will be realized in the period March - April 2018, dates to be announced.
  • Final evaluation of the written papers and its defenses will be sent via email to students from March 29 2018 to April 12 2018 by Rector’s office VŠEM.

Introduction of how to write the conference proceeding

  • Written papers are executed according to the instructions for writing academic papers VŠEM.
  • Written paper must have a content of 7 - 10 pages of scientific text in English (pages are counted as standard from the beginning to the end).
  • Do not count to the number of pages the pictures. In the case of use some graphs (add text)
  • The papers, which will be presented at the conference will be part of Proceedings of the conference with ISBN code.
  • Papers will be checked in accordance with copyright law.
  • Written papers must be submit in a format doc or docx.

Examples of rejected paper

  • Paper does not satisfy the conditions in the Instructions for writing academic papers VŠEM.
  • Lack of quality in the content of papers.

Benefits for students

  • Approved and defended the paper can be counted as the fulfillment of one seminar paper. This doesn't apply in case of classification after defense 3 (good) or 4 (failed).
  • Publication of a scientific article in the Proceedings of the conference, which can be used for their personal presentation in CV.
  • The possibility of obtaining jobs, internships as part of their presentation by an expert committee which will be composed also of employers.
  • Opportunity to present their views and opinions before the professional audience.
  • Obtaining practical experience with the preparation of scientific written paper in English.

Contact for sending written paper

  • Victoria Židková / PMF 08
  • Victoria.zidkova@infovsem.cz

Outputs from previous years