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Why to study at VŠEM

University of Economics and Management is a private university that implements Bachelor (Bc./BBA), Master (Ing./MSc./MBA), Doctoral (Ph.D.) and professional (Lifelong learning) programs since 1996, in full-time and part-time form of study, in Czech and English language. Based on surveys (applicants within the admission proceedings, students/graduates within evaluation of courses), we adduce reasons "Why to study at VŠEM".

Study programmes and specializations

  • More than 100 study subjects with a focus on economics, business administration, management, finance and taxation, human resources, marketing and advertising, international relations, innovation, law.
  • Implementation of study programmes since 1996 (international accreditation BBA, MBA), the national accreditation of the Ministry of Education since 2001.
  • Study programmes are accredited by international accreditation ACBSP and ATHEA.
  • Interdisciplinary study programs / courses for graduate employability
  • Consistency with experience in teaching, practical applications and exercises
  • International acreditation of programmes (ECBE - Europe, ACBSP - USA)
  • Interactive tuitional and exam applications (video-learning, video-consultations, electronic knowledge-testing)
  • Study scholarships up to 100% of annual tuition within the price level Stipendium (note: not available for international, non-Czech citizens)
  • The selected study subjects in English
  • Possibility of studies at foreign universities (Erasmus+ programme)
  • High professional employability of graduates VŠEM (almost 90%)
  • Bc. + Ing. = MBA (automatic granting a professional title MBA for graduates of study programs VŠEM, saving 80.000 CZK/year (note: not available for international, non-Czech citizens)

Administration of studies

  • Individualization within all price levels*
  • Basic literature in tuition fees (E-books)
  • The examination period of 12 months (more than 1,000 exam terms / 300 exam days per year)
  • Individual examination plan of the student
  • Electronic testing of knowledge (results immediately after the test)
  • Student information system for electronic communication and archiving (student - Administration VŠEM)
  • Administrative consultation through on-line/off-line applications (Chat VŠEM, VideoForum, WebForum)
  • Information and Advisory Centre open 6 days a week (12 months)

*(note: price for MBA ENG programme - international students - is EXCLUSIVE only)


  • Unchanged tuition fees level throughout the whole study period guarranteed
  • Premises of VŠEM (nursery VSEM, StartUp VŠEM, gym, student club, study room and library)
  • Expertise and prestige of graduates from VŠEM
  • Corporate social responsibility and projects VŠEM with possibility of integration of students
  • No "media or accreditation affairs"
  • Extracurricular activities (sport, culture, leisure time)
  • Professional counselling free of charge
  • Possibility of accomodation for students