The interview is a compulsory part of the admission proceedings.The first step in preparing for your interview is to review your application. A few weeks have probably passed since you submitted e-application, so you'll need to return to the MBA applicant mindset by reviewing your overall application strategy.

Conditions and Content of the Interview

  • Each applicant will have one interview session lasting approximately 15-30 minutes.
  • The 'general interview' is often conducted by the University admissions tutor and another administrative staff of the University.
  • The aim is to explore the personal and professional objectives of the applicants, their motivation to higher education, familiarity with the study major, its connections to their possible future job and the importance of education to their career and professional development.
  • The interview will not explore the applicants’ knowledge.

On the basis of the interview, each applicant will be graded (0-5 points). The committee will concentrate mainly on the applicant’s capability of giving continuous speech in front of an auditor (a short introduction of self) and also his/her active participation in a discussion with the committee.