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Information and Advisory Centre

Information and Advisory Centre of the University of Economics and Management is divided into separate administrative sections, and according to the status and progress of studies (1. admissions and information about the study, 2. administration and organization of the study, 3. closure and graduation). IAC working hours (Monday - Sunday: 8-18 hours), office hours for students VŠEM (Tuesday - Thursday, Saturday - Sunday: 12 to 17 hours, see Contacts VŠEM).

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Bc. Kateřina Vykydalová

Bc. Kateřina Vykydalová

Head of Information and Advisory Centre

Manages the activities of the Information and Advisory Centre, is responsible for meeting deadlines in accordance with applicable procedures and guidelines. Within her standard agenda, she processes final theses/defences, graduation ceremonies, individual study plans, recognition of exams and scholarships. Coordinator of international students and Erasmus+ programme.