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Research Departments

The Centre for Economic Studies (CES VSEM) is responsible for the research activities of the University of Economics and Management. The department especiallly focuses on education and practical applications. The specialization is then reflected in the publishing and information activities of CES VSEM.

Research Activities of CES VSEM

CES VSEM research activities focus mainly on the analysis of assumptions and results of growth performance, quality competitiveness of Czech economy in international comparison (EU-27), identification of related economic and political implications for the promotion of economic convergence and the transition to a knowledge-based economy (in terms of the Lisbon strategy).

In terms of content is a research activity focused on mapping the state (to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the current situation through the information links feedback from students and their employers and other collaborating organizations and through sample surveys and outputs at professional meetings, discussions), identify the nature of observed problems, formulating proposals and discussion of alternative solutions, create recommendations to make problems solving in practice and public presentation of recommendations founded.