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Student's Counselling

The Student’s Counselling Centre is an important workplace of VŠEM. It provides individual consultations with a specialist in given area (consultations in areas of jobs, pedagogy and psychology, finance, legal problems). The place and time of the consultation must be arranged with the specialist beforehand.

Professional consultations

Students are provided support during job selection and integration into working process. Students are given information about the labour market, job profiles and current job vacancies.Professional consultations are provided by Ing. Helena Smolová, Ph.D. – a member of the Department of Marketing.

Pedagogical and psychological consultations

The Pedagogical and psychological consultations help students cope with difficulties encountered during the learning process, or their personal and interpersonal problems. Students are supported when discovering for their talents, skills and personal qualities. These consultations are provided by Ing. Helena Smolová, Ph.D. and PhDr. Ivana Šnýdrová, CSc.

Financial consultations

The financial consultations help students find a strategy in investments and financial security. The students are advised on effective ways to finance housing, money investments, saving plans and different types of insurance. Financial consultations are provided by Ing. Michal Šubrt - Head of the Rector's Office.

Legal consultation

The legal consultations are short informative consultations. They do not serve to solve complicated cases.