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Student´s Activities

A university is not just about studying and preparing for exams.

In addition to creating conditions suitable for learning, the University of Economics and Management also offers the possibility for students to participate in extracurricular activities, irrespective of study programs or study form, and individual activities for students are also adapted to the nature of individual study forms (part-time/full-time).

The principal mission of extracurricular activities at VSEM is to encourage the creative abilities of students in connection with promoting the public perception of the university and its educational, research, information, and editing activities.

During advertising campaigns and promotion of projects of the University of Economics and Management (Studying at VSEM), we provide VSEM students with the opportunity of becoming the official face of VSEM.

Students’ consulting represents an important part of the internal organizational structure of VSEM (Information and Consulting Center - IPC VSEM). The university offers individual consultations to students with specialists in given areas (professional and academic consulting, psychological pedagogic consulting, financial and legal consulting).