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Structure of Ph.D. Studies

Doctoral study degree Economics and Management (full-time/part-time) with specializations (Economic and Social Innovations, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Marketing, International Economics, Project Management, Prognostics and Planning, Social Pedagogy/Social Pathology, Statistic Analysis, Sustainable Business).

I. - III. year / Basic and Specialization Block

Basic and specialization block contains 14 study subjects divided into basic (4 obligatory study subjects) and specialization (10 elective study subjects) section of study programme.

Introduction to Studies
Practical Applications (teaching, workshops)
Foreign Language (ENG/GER)
Financial Management
Human Resources Management
International Economics
Project Management
Economic and Social Innovation
Prognostics and Planning
Social Pedagogy/Social Pathology
Statistic Analysis
Sustainable Entrepreneurship
Applied Business Politics
Strategic Management

Organisation and Conditions of Study

Supervisors are solely professors or associate professors. The themes of the dissertation thesis are based on areas specified by the specialized subjects on offer. The final theme shall be specified after the consultation with the supervisor.

Teaching and Research at VŠEM

  • All of the postgraduate students get involved in, and lead, the teaching of at least 1 subject whose content is related to their dissertation work.
  • Postgraduate students are also involved in the school's scientific-research activities and practical co-operation. Postgraduate students also have the option of completing an overseas study programme.