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VSEM Development Strategy

The development strategy of the study and the study programs is structured according to the education, abroad, research, publishing, and information activities of the University of Economics and Management.

Educational activities

The bachelor study programs Economics and Management (Bc.) include the accredited new bachelor majors, in particular the accreditation of bachelor majors in English, and the extension of offer within the major specialisation within the existing study programs.

The master‘s study programme Economics and Management (MSc.) includes the accreditation of new master’s specialisations related to the existing bachelor’s study programmes in order to enable the students to continue in further education.

The offer of the master’s study program Master of Business Administration (MBA) for the graduates of at least bachelor’s study programmes at internationally compliant level within the accreditation procedures ECBE and ACBSP. The implementation of the master’s study programme Master of Business Administration (MBA) in English for the applicants from the Czech Republic and abroad.

Implementation of lifelong and professional learning programmes designed for the applicants from professional and general public within the offer of the college educational programs (LLP, PE) in the structure of offered study modules.

Increasing the study provision quality by means of learning tools considering the requirements of part-time learning, using the creation of own learning tools, the implementation of the latest modern technologies (e-learning, e-books, etc.) in the lessons, using the offer from other education institutes (including abroad institutes), using the methodological aid from the domestic and abroad specialized institutes within the area of distance education with the aim to create and keep updating the study packages for individual modules.

The integration of modern communication tools in the self-study part of the education process and increasing its interactive character, in particular the testing and verification of knowledge, and the mastering of the full specialist problem issues requiring the respective practical skills.

The pedagogical process includes the development of the individual education form within the independent creative student projects in the form of seminars, workshops, couching, and solution of case studies with the aim to activate the creative potential, strengthening the specialist knowledge and skills of the students within close relation to their existing professional focus, the extension of their practical experience by means of implementing the obligatory specialist practise in the education any by means of the participation of specialists and managers in the lessons.

Foreign activities

The basic VŠEM development document highlights that the priority within the area of international cooperation is the contribution towards sustainable development and the strengthening of internationally comparable study level at VŠEM.

The VŠEM goal is also creating the the educational opportunities by means of providing high quality tuition, development of applied research, harmonizing the international activities considering the national and regional conditions, providing the students with the latest knowledge, developing their skills and confidence, providing education by means of supporting personal development of the students and lecturers.
VŠEM management has prepared a conceptual plan for the development of international relations including the creation of its own global network of partner institutes in the first place.. The cooperation agreements are concluded with the partner institutes selected on the basis of the respective study programmes or joint research and project plans. The cooperation includes the focus on the quality control, the development of the study plans and the admission of foreign students.

During the first phase the global network focused primarily on the exchange of students and short-term exchange of research, pedagogical, and administration employees. High mobility quality is provided by means of specifying the respective standards for the selection of partner institutes and for the selection of the mobility participants.

During the second phase, VŠEM focuses on the development of the study subjects and plans in cooperation with the partner universities, in creation of joint degree, i.e. double degree programme. The cooperation is concluded within the Erasmus program, other programs of lifelong learning, and also outside these structures.

Further direction of the foreign cooperation is the partnership with the Post-Soviet Union Republics, sharing know-how, and help within further development of the university and lifelong education.

Global strategy of international cooperation is processed in three basic concepts according to the target groups (VŠEM students, VŠEM pedagogical employees, non-pedagogical employees of VŠEM).

Research activities

VŠEM research activities are implemented by means of the Centre for Economic Studies of the University of Economics and Management (CES VŠEM). It focuses primarily on strengthening the relations to the education activity and practical applications, and it is reflected in the publishing and information activities. The specification of partial sub-topics takes place primarily in relation to the practise requirements with the option of financial participation of the cooperating institutes in the solution of the respective projects.

Considering the content focus of the research activities within the status mapping (finding the strong and weak points of the existing situation by means of information feedback from the students and their employees, and other cooperating subjects, and by means of the selection investigations and discussion outputs in professional meetings), identification of the essence of the monitored problems, formulation and discussion of proposals for alternative solutions, formulation of recommendations for solving the problems in practise and their public presentation.

Publishing and information activity

The presentations system development in all basic activities, in the professionally focused on-line periodical with stable author collective with the space for open and qualified discussion of the actual problems with the entrepreneur activities.

Publishing a unified series of research publications in the print and on-line format, and the anthology pf contributions from organized professional meetings, seminars, and conferences (including on-line discussions).

Publishing professional specialist monographs focused on the practical user, particularly of the updating, explanatory, and application character within the area of the legal framework and system of entrepreneur activities.

The publishing of specialized learning manuals in the printed and electronic format for the individual modules and subjects, completed with the workbooks and test banks with the clarification of correct or incorrect answers (solutions).

The development of consulting activities within the economical and financial area for the business entities in the form of on-line system subject to fees, which will collect and answer the inquiries within individual problem areas.