Marketing (MAR)

Marketing (FMAR) is the Bachelor’s filed of study (Bc.) offered in a full-time study form P1 and a standard length of 3 years, with professional specializations (Communication and Media, Quality Management, Law and Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Public Administration and EU, Marketing, Information Strategy, Advertisement and Public Relations, Law and Entrepreneurship, Public Administration and EU, Sport Marketing, Sport Management). The study program is guaranteed by Doc. Ing. Jaroslava Hyršlová, Ph.D.

Content and conditions of studies

Study program characteristics define the basic division into relevant study modules (basic modules, professional basis modules, major specialization modules), and the characteristics of study modules / courses / seminars.

Study Sessions Schedule sets the order and the number of teaching days and intervals between teaching tutorials for study modules.

Structure and time schedule of studies contain the time structure according to individual years / trimesters of the study program, detailed annotation of study modules / courses (allocation of instruction hours, method of course / module completion, credits, study aids permitted during an exam, basic and recommended literature, thematic areas of seminar papers, examples of exams).

Completion of a course / module defines the terms and conditions for the method of reviewing the acquired knowledge of a student for a given study course / module (exams, seminar papers, prezentation, credits).

Completion and conclusion of studies  involves administrative and study requirements associated with the conclusion of studies (partial exams, classification of seminar papers), terms and conditions as well as time schedule for the completion of studies.

Final exams (FE) involve terms and conditions, content, and thematic areas of final exams and final state exams, terms and conditions and procedures for defending a Bachelor’s work.

Bachelor’s work (BW) involves terms and conditions and formal requirements for preparing and defending a student’s Bachelor’s work, time schedule and process of defending a student’s Bachelor’s work.

Profile and qualifications of a graduate characterize knowledge (general, professional, special) acquired in the course of the studies, together with the characterization of professions and institutions suitable for graduates based on their respective specialization.