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Structure of study (MBA PH)

Master study programme of Public Health Management (part-time form K1) contains 6 modules structured into five groups (AM - administrative module ZM - basic module, MOZ - modules of sectoral basis, SB - seminar block, FM - The final module).
  • Basic modules (ZM) and Modules of sectoral basis (MOZ) obligatory optional study modules.
  • Seminar blocks I - III (SB)* includes writing of one seminar paper for the entire lenght of study.
  • Practical application (PA) part of the seminar block (compulsary optional for part-time students).
  • Assessment of study: completion of the study subject (ZK - exam, ZP - credit), completion of seminar block (SP).

Structure and time schedule

YearStudy module  / SBStudy subject / Method of completion
I. Administrartive Module (AM) Administration to Studies/CR
Introduction to Studies/CR
Course and Administration of Studies /CR
Business Management (ZM) Theory and Praxis of management /EX
Change management /EX
Strategic management /EX
Managerial Economics and Finance (ZM) Managerial Controlling /EX
Managerial Economics /EX
Finance management and Financial analysis /EX
Business Management II (MOZ) Human resources management /EX
Marketing management /EX
Project management /EX
Seminar Block I (SB)*
(1 obligatory optional SP)
Health and social policy / SP
Law in Health and Social Services / SP
Community work / SP
Quality Management in Health and Social Services / SP
Risk Management / SP
Organizational culture / SP
Management of Human Resources / SP
Financial management / SP
Practical Applications /CR
State Final Exam SFE **
(1 mandatory written SFE)
Strategic Management
Managerial economics
Human resources management
Marketing management
Foreign language English A1 /EX
German N1 /ZK
Final module (FM) Diploma´s Seminar
Examination Seminar
Diploma work
Comprehensive Oral State Final Exam