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Read time: 2 min.Structure of Studies MBA Executive

Master's 1 year long (12 months) study programme Master of Business Administration Executive is realized in part-time form of study (czech language), acredited by ACBSP. This programme is focused on the versatile development of managers with emphasis on professional experience, real projects, practice and networking in organizations (Networking, Best practices, Leading examples).

  • MBA Executive is for students who are interested in practical vocational training on examples of real organizations/companies and their top managers, where the student's active participation in projects / excursions and seminars with their personal interaction is expected.
  • The student participates in partial events (managerial seminars, projects/excursions), from which they prepare the relevant written output evidencing the development of knowledge and competences of the student, with the written outputs being a substitute of the examination.
Introduction to Studies
Intercultural communication
Economic and Social Innovation
International Marketing
Project Management in practice     
Trends in human resource management
New Media
Managerial Controlling
Seminar of Written Outputs and Projects
International Production Organization
Born Global
Czech Family Business
Small/Medium Organisation in Growth and Development

Characteristics of the study

Managerial seminars
  • A one-day seminar with a mentor
  • Written output (5 - 20 pages)
  • A one-day excursion in the selected company (presentation of management, discussion)
  • Written output (5 - 20 pages)

Control and outputs of studies

Managerial seminars
7x written outputs
5x written outputs
Final written exam
Strategy and Organizational Management
Student conference MBA
Presentations of outputs 3