Structure of Studies (CHR)

Bachelor degree study programme Communication and Human Resources (full-time P1/part-time form K1) contains 15 modules structured into six groups (AM - administrative module, ZM - Basic modules, MOZ - modules of sectoral basis, MOS - modules of specialization, SB - Seminar block, FM - Final module).

  • Basic modules (ZM) and Modules of sectoral basis (MOZ) obligatory optional study modules.
  • Modules of specialization (MOS)* one obligatory optional module of student´s choice.
  • Seminar block I - III (SB)** includes writing of two seminar papers for the entire lenght study.
  • Practical application (PA) part of the seminar block (compulsory optional for part-time students).
  • Assessment of study: completion of the study subject (ZK - exam, ZP - credit), completion of block seminar (SP - seminar work).

Basic Modules (ZM)


I. - II. Administrative module (AM) Introduction to Studies /CR
Administration of Studies /CR
Presentation and communication skills / CR
Managerial Economy (BM) Microeconomics /EX
Macroeconomics /EX
Economic Policy /EX
Business Economics (BM) Business Economics I /EX
Business Economics II /EX
History of Business /EX
Management (BM) Introduction to Management /EX
Change Management /EX
Strategy and Strategic Analysis /EX
Law and Entrepreneurship (BM) Introduction to Law /EX
Commercial Law /EX
Business Ethics /EX
Business Information Systems (BM) Business Informatics /EX
Applicaton of Business Informatics /EX
Managerial Controlling /EX
Seminar Block I (SB)**
(1 obligatory optional SP and PA)
Managerial Economics /SP
Business Economics /SP
Management /SP
Practical Applications /CR
SFE Economics
(1 mandatory written final exam)
Economic Policy

Modules of sectoral basis (MOZ)

II. - III. Psychology and Sociology (MOZ) Psychology /EX
Communication Skills /EX
Sociology of Management /EX
Marketing (MOZ) Introduction to Marketing /EX
Consumption Behaviour and Market Segmentation /EX
Marketing Mixture /EX
Staffing and Human Resources (MOZ) Staffing /EX
Human Resources Management /EX
Personnel Management /EX
Staffing and Human Resources II (MOZ) Human Resources Development /EX
Managerial Skills /EX
Company Culture /EX
Seminar Block II (SB)**
(1 obligatory optional SP and PA)
Marketing /SP
Staffing and Human Resources /SP
Psychology and Sociology /SP
Staffing and Human Resources II/SP
Practical Applications /CR
SFE Business Economics and Management
(1 mandatory written final exam)
Business Economics I-II
Change Management
Strategy and Strategic Analysis

Modules of specialization (MOS)*

YEARStudy ModuleStudy Subject / Method of Completion
Communication and Media (MOS)* Mass Communication /EX
Media Communicationi /EX
Marketing Communication /EX
Project Management (MOS)*
Project Management I /EX
Project Management II /EX
Managerial Decision Making/EX
Quality Management (MOS)* Production and Operational Management /EX
Quality Management /EX
Methods and Techniques of Quality Management /EX
Marketing II (MOS)* Marketing Research /EX
Strategic Marketing /EX
International Marketing /EX
Advertisement and Public Relations (MOS)* Media and Advertising Environment /EX
Public Relations /EX
Advertising Strategy and Planning /EX
Sport Marketing (MOS)* Advertisement and Sponsorship in Sports /EX
Marketing of Sport Services and Events /EX
Public Relations for Sport Organosations /EX
Business Management (MOS)* Business Management /EX
Financial and legal aspects of business transactions /EX
Business Skills /EX
Law and Entrepreneurship II (MOS)* Law of Contract (civil-law obligations) /EX
Law of Contract (business-law obligations) /EX
Common Plea /EX
Public Administration and EU (MOS)* Public Administration Management /EX
European Union /EX
Public Finance /EX
Sports Management (MOS)* Sport in the Context of Society /EX
Law in Sports /EX
Sports Management /EX
Social Work Management (MOS)* Social Pedagogy/EX
Community work /EX
Social Work Management/EX
Seminar Block III**
Practical Applications /CR
SFE Field Basis***
(1 obligatory written final exam)
Consumption Behaviour and Market Segmentation
Marketing Mixture
Human Resources Management
Personnel Management
Foreign Language
(1 obligatory written final exam)
English Language A1 /EX
German Language N1 /EX
Final Module (FM) Bachelor's Seminar /CR
Examination Seminar /CR
Bachelor's Work /BW
Comprehensive Oral State Final Exam