Rector's Office

The Rector’s office is the executive body of VŠEM, which conducts organizational, coordination, consulting and advisory, registration, and supervisory activities in the area of studies, research and the economic, personal, legal, external, and foreign relations and internal administration.

The supreme executive body is the Rector of VŠEM (Prof. Ing. Milan Žák, CSc.), as well as the Academic Council of VŠEM. The Student's Council of VŠEM is a self-governing body. The activities of the individual bodies and the specification of individual functions are stipulated by the VŠEM Statute.

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doc. RNDr. Mirko Křivánek, CSc.

doc. RNDr. Mirko Křivánek, CSc.

Vice-Rector for Strategy and Development

Vice-Rector for Strategy and Development submits and manages the development projects of VŠEM, together with the strategic determination of the partnership VŠEM with external entities in the national and international environment. Vice-Rector is involved in linking teaching with the requirements and needs of practice with respect of the latest developments in the given areas. Vice-Rector is a guarantor for professional practice of students.

Mirko Křivánek is a graduate of MFF UK in Prague. He also worked at universities in the US and Belgium. It has more than twenty years of practical experience from consulting projects for a variety of companies from many countries of Europe and Central Asia. He specializes in the comprehensive management of change and restructuring projects, strategic management and solving workshops with top management and coaching managers. His favorite topics are the strategies, systems thinking, leadership, learning organization and overall to develop corporate and business people.In addition to the implementation of the projects he worked in senior management positions for international consulting firm Arthur D. Little Management (Boston) and PA Consulting Group (London) and the biggest Czech consulting firm in management M.C.TRITON. Therefore very familiar with the issues of management of project-based professional service firms. He currently works in the consulting company Top Leadership International, he co-founded. He is also lecturing for management companies.

Since 1987 he works as associate professor of computer science at Charles University in Prague, where in addition to expert seminars led master and doctoral thesis on system dynamics in companies and educates professionals in this field.

Since the academic year 2014/2015 works as a lecturer at VSEM Prague.