Rector's Office

The Rector’s office is the executive body of VŠEM, which conducts organizational, coordination, consulting and advisory, registration, and supervisory activities in the area of studies, research and the economic, personal, legal, external, and foreign relations and internal administration.

The supreme executive body is the Rector of VŠEM (Prof. Ing. Milan Žák, CSc.), as well as the Academic Council of VŠEM. The Student's Council of VŠEM is a self-governing body. The activities of the individual bodies and the specification of individual functions are stipulated by the VŠEM Statute.

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Natálie Kadeřábková

Natálie Kadeřábková

Director VŠEM

Administration and organization of VŠEM, StartUP VŠEM, marketing and Public Relations. Extracurricular activities VSEM, project Guest VSEM, Career Days VŠEM, Elite programe VŠEM.