Graduate's Profile (MBA)

The graduate’s profile and qualification are characterized by the target knowledge that is divided into general (basic modules) and professional (professional basis modules); specialized knowledge (professional specialization module) is profiled by the topic of diploma work.

The professional study programme MBA is focused on the applicants who plan to improve their qualifications for their professional careers by detailing and extending their knowledge in business administration. A specific target group of students are those who are motivated to complete their existing different professional knowledge with economic education that creates conditions for higher and top managerial positions.

An MBA study programme graduate will achieve all the required knowledge and practical skills in all basic areas of business management in its internal and external environment (independent entrepreneurs and company owners), or knowledge for senior and higher managerial positions within a company (employees),

Independent Entrepreneurs

To master independent management of a small to medium enterprise requires knowledge of: business activities, effective application of managerial skills, an appropriate attitude to manage persons and make educated decisions, relevant professional knowledge, and the ability to adapt to restructuring the production in a company to expand the company using its own economic and financial potential or in cooperation with partner companies of comparable or bigger sizes, including the foreign ones.


To make qualified decisions on management of an organization unit as far as the scope of its activities are concerned; to analyse and evaluate the efficiency of implemented procedures and methods; to define and submit materials for decision-makings at higher levels and recommend possible changes based on the existing procedures and experience analyses within the company; to get and process external information and data regarding the present development in the existing professional area based on the acquired knowledge and skills for independent preparation, implementation and evaluation of more complex projects, including qualified connections to other activities and organization units of a company, its general objectives and company culture.