Graduate's Profile Bc.

Bachelor degree study programme with relevant specializations primarily developes  student´s general knowledge within the corporate / organizational environment with emphasis on the graduate´s subsequent wider assertion in praxis. The content of professional specialization is given by the specific requirements of future professional assertion on the graduate´s work position in middle and lower management, see Employers of VSEM´s students and graduates.

Graduate´s knowledge and skills

  • Orientation in the enterprise (company) or non-profit environment.
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to manage a business or organization.
  • Basic knowledge of legal aspects of corporate and organizational environments.
  • The ability to use information and innovative corporate / organizational systems.
  • Analyze, Communicate and present the results in individual corporate / organizational projects.
  • Orientation in Czech and international business / corporate or non-profit environment.
  • An overview of modern trends in management control and the ability to put them into practice.
  • Searching for relevant sources of information and analysis relevant for the solution.
  • Ability to manage practical situations in enterprise / corporate environment and organizations.

Business Economics

  • Knowledge economy, market factors affecting the business environment. Ability to manage the company's activities. Orientation in the legal and financial environment. Orientation in economic practice.
  • Possible emloyers: Škoda Auto, Toyota Motor Czech, Nestlé, Oracle, Philip Morris, Plzeňský Prazdroj, Kofola, L´Oreal, Lukoil, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, AHOLD, AVAST atp.


  • Overview of marketing management and planning. Applying the determinant of customer orientation. The ability of the formulation and implementation of marketing strategies.
  • Possible employers: Media Marketing Services, Amadeus Marketing, Promotion TESS, Vodafone,, Advertising Department, Slevomat, Contacc SE etc.

Communication and Human Resources

  • Knowledge of the psychological aspects of management. Orientation in counseling psychology and social work. Mastering HR work in business. Ability to manage the company's activities, the use of managerial functions.
  • Possible employers: Manpower Group, Profesia, Grafton Recruitment, Grow People, Axial Personnel Agency, Ogilvy & Mather, etc.