Characteristics of Studies (BE/FBE)

In the course of the study program Business Economics (BE) the student completes ten study modules, each comprising three compulsory subjects, terminated by a written exam and a set number of credits. The studies are completed by the State Final Exam in Economy, Business Economics and Management, field basis and the defense of the bachelor work.

Study Subjects/Modules

Offered subjects are divided regarding their content (methodologically or subject related) into five Basic Modules, four Professional Basis Modules and one Professional Specialisation Module, followed by an elaboration of the corresponding seminar works. Combination of study subjects among individual trimesters respects their content relatedness and student must follow a logical sequence while selecting the schedule (electronic enrolment).

The study subjects are typologically divided into the subjects of theoretical base (Basic Modules), field base (Professional Basis Modules), specialisation (Professional Specialisation Modules) and optional (Optional Modules).

Basic Modules (BM) present the basic aspects of the functioning of economic subjects in relation to the characteristics of their environments (Managerial economics, Business Economics, Law and Entrepreneurship, Information Systems and Technology), at the same time mastering the basic analytical and methodological procedures.

Professional Basis Modules (PRM) presents the basics of the subject-matter problems of the study program (Quantitative Methods, Financial Management, Marketing, Human Resources Management) and a base of the field specialization of a student.

Professional Specialisation Modules
(PSM) presents the specific knowledge of the field of study (Marketing, Human Resources Management, Finance, Taxes, Law and Entrepreneurship, Quality Management, Project Management, Information Strategy, Public Administration and EU,  Sport Marketing, Sport Management, NGO Management) focusing on the basis of the professional orientation of the bachelor work (student chooses one Professional Specialisation Module).

Optional Modules (OM)
present the optional broadening of basic or specific knowledge of the given field in various areas including the modules taught in English.