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Administrative Departments

Administrative Departments of University of Economics and Management are divided according to the responsibilities and organizational focus of the department (Rector's Office, Akademic Council VŠEM, Student Council VŠEM, Rector's Council VŠEM), Council for Science and Research and Information and Advisory Centre.

Rector's Office

Rector’s Office is an executive body of VŠEM, which provides organizational, coordination, consulting-advisory and control activities in the area of ​​studies, research, internal governance, economic, personnel, legal, external relations and foreign relations of VŠEM in cooperation of relevant departments and authorities VŠEM (executive, corporate, local government, counseling, initiation), where the part of the rector's office are legal, financial, technical and foreign department VŠEM.

Administrative tasks undertaken by Rector's office

  • Advertising and promotional activities
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Foreign courses (administrative support)
  • Publishing activities, e-learning, the development of IT technology
  • Recruitment of teachers and administrative staff
  • Reporting within acreditation (Ministry of Education, ACBSP)
  • Support for educational workplaces
  • Support for research and development activities
  • Supervision over all technical - administrative workplaces
  • Supervision over compliance with the internal regulations of the school and the Higher Education Act

Information and Advisory Centre

Information and Advisory Centre address specific questions / requests under the administration of study (recognition of tests, creation of individual study plan, tuition fees, closing and final theses, assembly / control of schedule and course of the academic year). Provides administrative support for educational departments VŠEM. For specific situation within the administration of the study is necessary to arrange a meeting with an employee of the information and advisory centre via SIS VŠEM / Study Form (student must clearly indicate / specify the issue).

Administrative tasks undertaken by Information and Advisory Centre

  • Administration of study (appeal within the notification, records for Administrative Commission VŠEM)
  • Administration of tuition and examination (creating schedules of tuition and examination)
  • Administration of tuition and examination (putting terms to SIS, administrative control over terms, credits)
  • Administrative and electronic enrollment (administration and preparation of documents, special terms, changes and edits)
  • Admissions (terms , electronic admission, documentation, organization of admission proceedings, evidence in SIS)
  • Basic information about study (start of study, study programmes, student fees)
  • Confirmation of study (electronically via SF, confirmation of paper application)
  • Extension study (issuing advance invoices, records in SIS VŠEM)
  • Final exams (preparation, processing, putting rating in VŠEM SIS / E - index)
  • Individual Study Plan (approval of an application, putting record to VŠEM SIS / Student Schedule)
  • Interruption of study (assessment and approval of applications, record in SIS)
  • Look in tests (data preparation)
  • Passes (Student, ISIC, duplicate licenses)
  • Recognition of tests (administration and data processing, entering into SIS VŠEM / E - index)
  • Recognition of tests (preparation of materials for educational departments and guarantors)
  • Reintegration into the study (control and approval of applications, notification, entry permit to SIS)
  • Reintegration into the study (creating schedule)
  • Repetition of the study (approval of the application, generating exam attempts)
  • Revision of exams (application processing, transmission to supervisor, inforing student, records in SIS)
  • Revision of seminar papers (application processing, transmission to supervisor, informing student, records in SIS)
  • Seminar / trimestral papers (administration and formal correction, administration of revision)
  • Scholarships (preparation of documents, notification)
  • SIS VŠEM (change and edit SIS)
  • Standard duration of study (check overrun, check end of study)
  • Study ending (appeal)
  • Study ending (check of study ending / graduation, invoices, questions)
  • Study ending (application administration , notification , annotation / E - index to another university student)
  • Study fees (invoices, allocation of payments, deferral, change of billing address)
  • Study Literature / LockLizard (loans, purchase, transmission, franchisor FAQ)
  • Theses (administration and formal correction, time schedule, administration and organization support of theses defence)
  • Transfers within the field of study (approval of applications, data preparation, editing and registration in SIS)
  • Tuition (registration of apologies, entering into SIS)