Information and Advisory Centre

Information and Advisory Centre of the University of Economics and Management is divided into separate administrative sections, and according to the status and progress of studies:

  • IAC office hours for applicants and students: Monday - Sunday: 12 - 17 hours.

  • Admission proceedings: organisation of admission proceedings, consultation, Open Day, recognition of courses/exams, individual study plans and introduction to studies.

  • Administration of studies: counselling, exams and seminar papers, tuition fees, study confirmation, study literature, programme Erasmus+, interruption of studies, prolongation of studies, abandonment of studies, completion and termination of studies.

  • Control of studies: practical applications, final theses, final exams and theses defence.

Ing. Jana Budská

Study officer

Ing. Monika Černohorská

Study officer

Mgr. Markéta Eidrnová

Study officer

Bc. Eliška Kodadová

Study officer

BcA. Anna Zatkalíková

Study Officer

Ing. Kateřina Medová

Study officer