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Innovative strategies Media Communication
Intercultural marketing International Marketing
Communication Strategy New Media
Marketing Marketing II
Public Relations PR in Sports
Marketing and Marketing Communications Advertising
Marketing Human Resources Advertising and Marketing Communications
Marketing of sport events Advertising in Sport
Advertising and Marketing Communications Marketing companies' performance
Advertising Strategy and Planning Marketing mix
Consumer behavior Marketing research
Strategic Marketing Massmedia communication
Market and Consumption The international environment
Principles of Marketing Media and advertising environment

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Ing. Peter Matisko, Ph.D.

Ing. Peter Matisko, Ph.D.

Marketing Mix

Graduated in Cybernetics and Measurement at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of The Czech Technical University in Prague. In 2009, I started my doctoral studies at the Department of Control Engineering focused on cybernetics and applied mathematics. During my studies, I worked at Honeywell as Research Engineer, where I used and developed knowledge of cybernetics and management. I finished my doctoral studies by defending my dissertation thesis in 2013. In 2012, I founded my own company Cyberma s.r.o. focused on online technologies, marketing, online marketing, ad and site development. Since 2018 I have been an Assistant Professor for marketing at VŠEM.


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