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Innovative strategies Media Communication
Intercultural marketing International Marketing
Communication Strategy New Media
Marketing Marketing II
Public Relations PR in Sports
Marketing and Marketing Communications Advertising
Marketing Human Resources Advertising and Marketing Communications
Marketing of sport events Advertising in Sport
Advertising and Marketing Communications Marketing companies' performance
Advertising Strategy and Planning Marketing mix
Consumer behavior Marketing research
Strategic Marketing Massmedia communication
Market and Consumption The international environment
Principles of Marketing Media and advertising environment

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Mgr. Ivan Rokošný, Ph.D.

Mgr. Ivan Rokošný, Ph.D.

Practical Applications

The lecturer worked as an academic assistant in Slovakia and in his research he focused on audiovisual, film and especially digital games. He worked in culture, where he participated in the program structure of cultural centers and also worked as a graphic designer, producer and video editor. He made a short student film, which was a success in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and abroad. He specializes in audiovisual media and art and works as a freelance film journalist. During his professional career, he completed various internships in the Czech Republic, Poland, Malta, Canada and Malaysia.


  • Potencial of video games to teach and their application in education. 2017. ISBN 978-80-8105-917-9 – Indexovaný vo Web of Science
  • Screenshot as an art: an aesthetics of in-game photography. 2018. ISBN 978-80-8105-985-8 – Indexovaný vo Web of Science
  • Digital Games as a Cultural Phenomenon: A Brief History and Current State. 2018. ISSN 2585-8599 P
  • Médium fotografie v digitálných hrách. 2019. ISBN 978-80-572-0010-9
  • How brands use potential in e-sports as a marketing tool. 2019. ISBN 978-80-572-0038-3
  • Genres vs. Tags: problems with taxonomy of digital games. 2019. ISBN 978-80-572-0015-4 – Indexovaný vo Web of Science. 
  • Komparačná analýza vzniku publika dig. hier na Slovensku a v zahraničí. 2020. ISBN 978-80-572-0053-6
  • Identita študentského filmového festivalu FREJM. 2020. ISBN 978-80-572-0063-5

Pedagogical activities

  • Univerzita sv. Cyrila a Metoda v Trnave – Základy audiovizuálnej tvorby I.
  • Univerzita sv. Cyrila a Metoda v Trnave – Základy audiovizuálnej tvorby II.
  • Univerzita sv. Cyrila a Metoda v Trnave – Zvukové praktikum I.
  • Univerzita sv. Cyrila a Metoda v Trnave – Kultové audiovizuálne diela
  • Univerzita sv. Cyrila a Metoda v Trnave – Dejiny filmu (záskok)

Grants and memberships

  • Projekt FPPV – Študentský filmový festival FREJM (FPPV-46-2019) – rok 2019


  • Marketing Identity: Online Rules (2017)
  • Marketing Identity: Digital Mirrors (2018)
  • Marketing Identity: Offline is the new Online (2019)
  • Megatrend and Media: Digital Universe (2019)
  • Quo vadis: massmedia & marketing (2019)
  • Megatrends and Media: On The Edge (2020)
  • Quo Vadis: massmedia (2020)