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The Departmen of Marketing is a professional academic department, which provides lectures in their areas of bachelor's, master's and MBA studies.

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Study subjects

Innovative strategies Media Communication
Intercultural marketing International Marketing
Communication Strategy New Media
Marketing Marketing II
Public Relations PR in Sports
Marketing and Marketing Communications Advertising
Marketing Human Resources Advertising and Marketing Communications
Marketing of sport events Advertising in Sport
Advertising and Marketing Communications Marketing companies' performance
Advertising Strategy and Planning Marketing mix
Consumer behavior Marketing research
Strategic Marketing Massmedia communication
Market and Consumption The international environment
Principles of Marketing Media and advertising environment

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Ing. Lucie Černá

Ing. Lucie Černá

Practical Applications

Graduate of the University of Economics in Prague with many years of experience as a marketing manager and lecturer in the world of media and advertising agencies. In practice, she participated in the introduction of many new brands in the Czech Republic and prepared communication campaigns for brands from various fields. The course focuses on marketing strategy and communication, incl. building brand knowledge and advertising campaigns with an interactive and practical approach to the application of new knowledge.