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Lifelong Learning (LLP)

In compliance with the Higher Education Act No.111/1998 Coll., the University of Economics and Management provides lifelong extracurricular studies in economics and the related fields. Lifelong Learning Programmes are orientated to the professional performance or interests. The participants in the Lifelong Learning Programmes are not students according to the law. The Lifelong Learning Programmes do not enable to take comprehensive or state final examinations.

Characteristics of the Lifelong Learning Programmes

The Lifelong Learning Programmes are organized into modules. Each module includes professionally related study subjects that complete a secondary school education and upgrade the qualifications of university graduates (individual applicants, organizations, governmental and public authorities).
  • A Lifelong Learning Programme consists of selected modules of an accredited study programme and a specific major. It is implemented in a part-time study mode.
  • The content of the subjects including the conditions and requirements for the completion of studies correspond with the valid accreditation of the learning scheme of the subjects in the regular study programme in which the curricula of the Lifelong Learning Programmes are given by the time and content order.
  • The basic characteristics of these educational modules provide a close cohesion of cognitive and application objectives. This cohesion is supported by the modular structure of studies, where a relatively closed module includes professionally related subjects (study subjects).

Modules of LLP

  • Bachelor's study programme modules (Bc.) introduce the basic aspects of economic subjects in relation to the characteristic features of their environment. In the same time they cover the basic analytic and methodological procedures.
  • Master's study programme modules (Ing.) help to acquire knowledge and skills enabling to make analysis and strategic decisions within companies and organizations in a globalized and knowledge-based economy.
  • Master's study programme modules (MBA) aim to further deepen professional eligibility, in order to improve the professional competencies of the students. Hereby, they will also enlarge their knowledge of management and economics.

Admission Requirements for the Lifelong Learning Programme

The requirements of admission into the Lifelong Learning programme are defined by the Rector of the University of Economics and Management. To be considered for admission, candidates must have either completed a full secondary school education with the final examination certificate, or be graduates from other higher education institutions (a Bachelor´s degree). Other possible requirements would be further specified by the Rector.

Concept of Classes and Study Results Supervision

The methods of teaching and study results supervision within the Lifelong Learning programmes are closely connected to the Study and Examination Rules of the University of Economics and Management, valid for the given academic year. The VSEM vice-rector is entitled to set further requirements modifying the methods of teaching and study results supervision. The acquired knowledge is tested by means of an examination or a credit, and corresponds with the completion requirements of the given subjects in the accredited study programmes; see Course of Studies/Study results Supervision.

Recognition of Subjects and Examinations

Up to 60% of the credits acquired at the University of Economics and Management or at other higher education institutions within the Lifelong Learning Programme may be recognised. Whether or not the credits acquired will be recognized depends on the decision of the Vice-Rector VSEM.

School Fees – Tuition

The tuition fees of the Lifelong Learning Programmes at VSEM cover a complete set of study materials, and can be included in the tax deductibles (employers, free-lance workers). The tuition fees are set for one study module. (One study module includes three professionally related study subjects).
Module type (programme)Length of moduleStudy modeTuition fees/module
Bachelor's study programme module (Bc.) Trimester Part-time CZK 15,000
Master's study programme module (Ing.) Trimester Part-time CZK 15,000
Master's study programme module (MBA) Trimester Part-time CZK 25,000

Completion of Studies

The graduates from the Lifelong Learning Programmes are awarded a certificate confirming successful completion of the selected study modules or study subjects. Students must complete their subjects within the framework of the regular study module (examination, credit, seminar paper).