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Information and Consulting Centre of VSEM

The Information and Consulting Centre of VSEM (ICC) is responsible for activities with no direct connection to studies (promotion, extracurricular activities, counselling provided to applicants, students and graduates of VSEM). ICC is further divided into individual workplaces, according to the focus of their activities (1. Technical Department, 2. Financial Department, 3. Sports Department).

Technical Department

The Technical Department deals with technical and material problems of the university (studies, research, sports, ICT, maintainance of the building etc.).

Financial Department

The Financial Department of the University of Economics and Management is responsible for the financial transactions of VSEM.

Sports Department

The Sports Department is responsible for cooperation with international university sport associations, hepls the VSEM students with their participation in the Academic Championship of the Czech Republic, suggests candidates suitable for the sports scholarship grant in the given academic year.