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Human Resources Management Department is a special  educational workplace which provides tuition in theoretical economics and the related practice-oriented disciplines within all accredited bachelor's, master's and MBA study programmes.

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Study Subjects

Communication Skills Psychology and Sociology
community Work Human Resources Development
Human Resource Management I Human Resource Management II
Management of Social Work Management Skills
Social Pathology Organizational culture
Social Education Human Resources
Sociology I Personal business management
Sociology management Corporate culture
Education of Adult Psychology
Psychology II  

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Mgr. Hana Coufalová

Mgr. Hana Coufalová

Practical Applications

Certified coach and head of the human resources development department in Air Traffic Control of the Czech Republic. She gained work experience in the environment of a corporate multinational company; small, Czech, private company; non-profit organizations; endowment fund and state enterprise. She has worked in the pharmaceutical business for more than 12 years in sales and marketing roles and now, for the seventh year, she focuses mainly on education and development. She completed a certified coaching course by Magdalena Vokáčová, the coaching approach became part of her lifestyle in work and personal life.

In Air Traffic Control, she is a member of the CISM team (Critical Incident Stress Management), she continues her lifelong learning.