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Graduate´s profile (Ph.D.)

The study trains experts in independent creative work and a conceptual approach to solving problems and applying new findings in practice. Applicants may be graduates of either economics-orientated universities or other technical or humanities fields. The choice of the studied subjects enables the adaptation of the structures of the completed courses to the applicant's previous education, as well as to the specific focus of their dissertation work.

Graduate´s profile

The graduate of the Economics and management doctoral studies will be capable of both independent and team-based scientific work based on detailed research of the given problem and the examination of its position in the actual relevant professional context. Within the scope of the studies, students are supported in the development of grant projects, which are major contributors to broadening the student's horizons and establishing the necessary professional contacts. The doctoral graduate is capable of skilfully presenting the results of their work to not just the wider professional, but also to the non-academic public, whether through scientific work or at scientific conferences. Graduates of this field can become involved in scientific activity in both national and international institutions, and they will have a good starting position for work in both the private and state sectors.

Graduate´s skills

  • Acquisition of methods of scientific work.
  • Ability to solve technical problems from in economics and management, with an emphasis on complexity and theoretical justification of the solution.
  • Ability to optimization of control functions, with a particular emphasis on decision making and organizing.
  • The ability to use methodological approaches.
  • Ability to use patterns of market behavior and market players, with emphasis on company behavior.