Disciplinary Committee

Disciplinary Committee of VŠEM debates disciplinary misdemeanours of students and members of academic community of VŠEM and proposes imposing of relevant sanctions against the offender. These sanctions must be approved by the rector himself.
The rector submits a proposal of initiation of disciplinary proceedings and decides about the imposition of sanctions.
The rector cannot impose more restrictive santions than those proposed by the disciplinary committee.

Bodies of disciplinary proceedings

  • the rector of VŠEM
  • disciplinary committee, which have 4 members

Members of Disciplinary Committee of VŠEM

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doc. RNDr. Mirko Křivánek, CSc.

doc. RNDr. Mirko Křivánek, CSc.


Vice-Rector for Strategy and Development

Vice-Rector is responsible for conducting and developing activities of VŠEM in the strategic direction of the university to fulfill the expectations of involved groups at VŠEM. Vice-Rector submits and manages the development projects of VŠEM, together with the strategic determination of the partnership VŠEM with external entities in the national and international environment. Vice-Rector is involved in linking teaching with the requirements and needs of practice with respect of the latest developments in the given areas.