The conditions of university studies in Canada (qualifications of a student, administrative requirements before the departure and after the arrival, financial terms, visa, useful links).


  • 3 - 12 mmonths
  • Canada

Qualifications of Student

  • A student of the 2nd year of the Bachelor’s study programme at least

Administrative Requirements before Departure

  • The foreign educational institution application form
  • Study contract (an approved plan of studies at the foreign university or college)

Administrative Requirements after Arrival

  • Record of the study results achieved at the foreign higher education institution
  • Real length of the stay confirmation
  • Final report about the stay written by the student
  • Full recognition of the studies abroad (in case the necessary conditions are met)


  • Tuition fees differ depending on the school choice (from CAD 11,903 academic year – a Bachelor’s study programme, from CAD 11,048 /academic year – a follow-up Master’s study programme)
  • Accommodation: within a family (CAD 400 – 800 per month), in a dormitory (CAD 3.000 – 4.500 per year), in a rented flat – individually (CAD 250 – 700 per month), in a shared rented flat (CAD 400 – 1.500 per month)
  • Cost of living: a one-way bus ticket (CAD 2-3), meal in a restaurant (CAD 10 - 25), cinema (CAD 8.50 - 12)
  • health insurance
  • Travel expenses (visa, air ticket, insurance etc.)


  • Most international students in Canada pay all the tuition fees themselves
  • It is possible to ask for a scholarship, provided by various Canadian organizations


  • To be allowed to study in Canada, a student’s visa is mandatory. These are issued at the Canadian Embassy in Vienne
  • Issuance of the visa is charged at CAD 125

Useful Links