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Business Economics Department

The Business Economy Department is a special educational workplace which provides tuition in theoretical economics and the related practice-oriented disciplines within all accredited bachelor's, master's and MBA study programmes.

Expert consultations

Consultation with the academic staff can be arranged via formulare.vsem.cz.

Study subjects

Civil Procedure Managerial Economics II
Taxation and Tax Policy Management Accounting
Tax Theory and Policy Management Controlling
Tax system and administration Measuring company performance
Tax system and administration II Nonprofits
Business Economics Business Law I
Business Economics II Business Valuation
Economics and organizations Business economy
Business Ethics Insurance and property taxes
Finance and Financial Markets Political Science and International Relations
Financial Analysis Labour Law
Financial management Legal Environment
Financial management and financial analysis Legal environment and society
Financial management and decision Contract law
Financial strategy of the company Accounting and Finance
Financial Accounting Fundamentals of Law
Managerial Economics Principles of Accounting


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JUDr. Cyril Svoboda, Ph.D.

JUDr. Cyril Svoboda, Ph.D.

Politology and International Relations, Legal Environment and Society, EU Law

Graduated from Charles University in 1980, faculty of law. Also graduated from Police Academy of Czech republic in 2017. Former Minister of the Interior and Minister for Local Development,


  • Law on out-of-court rehabilitations in questions and answers
  • ČR Comment on the Constitution of the Czech Republic and the textbook of constitutional law at the Faculty of law
  • expert studies in the field of law and foreign policy