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Academic Council of VŠEM serves as a conceptual, active, and advisory body of the given fields of activities of VŠEM. In particular, it ratifies the study programmes that are submitted to MŠMT (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports) within the accreditation process, debates long-term intentions of VŠEM, and comments on inquiries by the rector or the founder.

The members are the Rector, Vice-Rectors, and representatives of the educational and research departments of the school.

Members of Academic Council of VŠEM

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doc. Ing. Jaroslava Hyršlová, Ph.D.

doc. Ing. Jaroslava Hyršlová, Ph.D.

Member of Academic Council of VŠEM


Vice-Rector is a member of Academic Council of VŠEM and is responsible for leading and developing activities of VŠEM in the strategic direction of the school to meet the expectations of interested groups at VŠEM.

Jaroslava Hyršlová graduated with a master's degree in Economics and Management of the Chemical and Food Industry, then completed her doctoral studies at the University of Pardubice in the field of Business Management and Economics. In 2005, she obtained the title of associate professor at Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (Industrial Engineering and Management). She currently works at the University of Pardubice and at the University of Economics and Management in Prague. She holds the position of associate professor at both workplaces. She teaches Business Economics, Accounting and Controlling. In her research activities, she focuses on the issue of sustainable business and business management in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. In this area, she was the researcher or co-researcher of various scientific research projects, which were co-financed by the Czech Science Foundation and the Ministry of the Environment. She is the author, resp. co-author of a number of professional articles and chapters in monographs.