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Academic Council of VŠEM serves as a conceptual, active, and advisory body of the given fields of activities of VŠEM. In particular, it ratifies the study programmes that are submitted to MŠMT (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports) within the accreditation process, debates long-term intentions of VŠEM, and comments on inquiries by the rector or the founder.

The members are the Rector, Vice-Rectors, and representatives of the educational and research departments of the school.

Members of Academic Council of VŠEM

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doc. Ing. Miroslav Špaček, Ph.D., MBA

doc. Ing. Miroslav Špaček, Ph.D., MBA

Member of Academic Council of VŠEM

Economics Department

Held the higher management posts in the industry sector, particularly in chemistry, pharmacy and facility management. Specilizes mainly in scenario and simulation approaches to analysis of risk and post-audity of investment projects, innovation management, process and crisis management.