VSEM Students' Council

The Students´ Council of VSEM is a self-governing body. The duties and responsibilities of the individual departments and councils are stipulated by the VSEM Statute. Students’ Council members are voted each academic year according to Study council proceedings.

Students’ Council duties

VSEM  Student’s Council facilitates communication between VSEM students and academic departments, administrative departments, and other self-governing academic bodies.
Student’s Council monitors the students' problems and defend their interests, informs them about important changes and deadlines, implement internal evaluation, represents VSEM, contributes to the continuous improvement of the study and also on the overall college development. Student’s Council also submittes project proposals by VSEM student (student meetings, social events, sports events, etc.) and then participates in their implementation.

VSEM  Student Council activities is evaluated at the end of the academic year in terms of activity, the results and  added value for VSEM students . Due to realized activities VSEM Rector granted Students council up to 10% of tuition fees for current academic year.

Students’ Council meetings

VSEM student´s Council deals in the framework of Proceedings rules. Proceedings rules provides the way of preparation and meetings organization, elections and creation of VSEM student´s Council. VSEM Student Council meeting may have a character:
  • Public Meeting - public hearing of official character with predetermined rules. The meeting is convened as needed, at least once every 3 months. For each Student Council meeting VSEM students are informed in advance via email.
  • Private Meeting - informal nature of the closed meeting. The meeting is organized according to the students needs.