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Study Contract

Contract on study specifies the conditions and guarantees for the implementation of the respective study program.
Contract on the implementation of the respective study program (bachelor, master, lifelong learning) guarantees to the student the study, administration, and financial conditions for the study implementation at the College of Economics and Management.

Study price guarantee

The contract on the study program completion guarantees the student a fixed study price (tuition fees/school fees) for the full standard study period of the respective study program.

Division of the tuition fees

Student has a right to divide the tuition fees to annual, bi-annual or trimester payments during the academic year providing the biannual and trimester payments include the increase of total tuition fees depending on the number of instalments.

Exceeding the standard study period

In case of exceeding the standard study period, a student is subject to the conditions and provisions of VŠEM internal rules on additional trimester and exceeding the standard study period of the respective study program.

Returning the tuition fees

In case of the study termination, a student is entitled to receive adequate financial amount of paid tuition fees, beginning with the trimester commencement, i.e. the respective academic year until the study termination, see the conditions in the Contract on the study program implementation.

The tuition fees are returned to the student at full amount in case he/she fails to start the respective study program from the electronic registry term to the date of administration registry in the respective study group. The conditions for returning the tuition fees are treated in VŠEM internal rules and in the Contract on the respective study program implementation.

Sample of the contract on the study implementation

Contract on the respective study program implementation is an administration initiative of in relation to the students, when the issues unspecified in the contract are defined in Vnitřními předpisy VŠEM (Statute of VŠEM, SZŘ VŠEM, Act on Higher Education Institutes. 111/1998 Coll.).