Social Insurance

Under Act No. 187/2006 Coll.on sickness insurance, since 2009 universities are no longer obliged to register their full-time students for sickness insurance.

Student's Obligation to Notify

Under the same Act, part-time students (regardless of age) are obliged to notify the Regional Social Security Administration (OSSZ) of all facts that have a bearing on the insurance premiums to be paid, whereby all notifications must be made within 8 days from the time when the situation occurred at the office of the respective OSSZ. The obligation to notify is thereby determined by the status of the student/notification obligation (e.g. employer/employee, unemployed/labor office, business license holder/student).*

*For regulation of these matters, see Act 582/1991 Coll. and government regulation No. 165/1979 Coll. Under government regulation No. 165/1979 Coll. Art. 47 Sec. 2, part-time students are not registered for social insurance by the university. When there is a certain time period between high school graduation and enrollment to university, part-time students do not register for social insurance.
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