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Managerial Test

The managerial test is a source of information about the applicant’s general knowledge
The managerial test has to be taken by those who wish to follow the study programme called Master of Business administration (MBA). The aim of the test is to find out about the applicant’s competences in the area of business administration, human resources, leadership and their capabilities of economic thinking.

The applicant should hereby prove his/her knowledge of the basic (economic) data within the Czech Republic and the European Union, of the basic economic terms and interrelations. In the same time, he/she should be able to solve out a couple of model situations concerning the human resources, namely leadership.

The test is composed of altogether 20 questions, the maximal amount of points that can be reached is then 100, meaning that up to 5 points may be attributed for one correct answer. There is a sample Managerial Test available in PDF format.